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  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

    This dataset provides basic information about Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests processed by the City’s Freedom of Information Office (FOI Office). This dataset does...
  • EMS Calls For Service

    This dataset provides an ongoing list of all EMS calls for service including the dispatch, travel, and arrival times as well as the nature of the medical emergency.
  • Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

    This dataset includes all responses to the City’s citizen satisfaction survey since 2007. The survey is conducted biennially and was last conducted in 2015.
  • Building Permit Applications

    This dataset provides information from the City of Virginia Beach Planning Department’s Permits Division. It includes all building permit application activity, including the...
  • Business Licenses

    This dataset provides information about all new business licenses issued in the City of Virginia Beach. This dataset does not include business license information regarding...
  • Agricultural Reserve Program Properties

    The dataset provides information on all applications submitted to the City’s Agriculture Department for inclusion in the Agricultural Reserve Program (ARP). The Agricultural...
  • Beach Water Quality Test Results

    This dataset provides water quality results from tests conducted weekly at fixed locations by the Department of Public Health during the swimming season (May-September). 10 ml...
  • Code Enforcement Cases

    This dataset provides information about all code enforcement inspections and the findings of those inspections. This dataset excludes any case that is active, as information...
  • Open Space Properties

    This dataset has been published by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Virginia Beach and data.vbgov.com. The mission of data.vbgov.com is to provide timely and...
  • Park Property Inventory

    This dataset includes an inventory and other information about the City’s parks system.
  • Polling Locations

    This dataset includes all the polling locations throughout Virginia Beach.
  • Purchasing Contracts

    This dataset includes all purchasing contracts that have been negotiated and entered into by the City of Virginia Beach for commodities that the City purchases on a regular basis.
  • Employee Salaries

    This dataset provides the salary (does not include fringe benefits) for each of the City’s full-time employee’s by their classification title.
  • Restaurant Inspection Results

    This dataset provides information about the outcomes, including any violations noted, of restaurant inspections performed by the Virginia Beach Health Department.
  • Police Calls For Service

    This dataset includes information on calls for service to the Virginia Beach Police Department. Calls for service are requests from citizens for police assistance. Calls can...
  • Police Incident Reports

    This dataset includes information about incidents where the police department responds to an offense and a report of crime is generated. This dataset excludes incidents assigned...
  • StormSense

    StormSense Data
  • Police Traffic Crash Reports

    This dataset includes information in cases where the Police department responded to an accident and a report was generated. Reports are generated when estimated property damage...
  • Emergency Communications System Interruptions

    This dataset includes information about disruptions of the City's emergency communications systems. A disruption is any event where the impacted system is not operating as...
  • Virginia Beach Snap Status ACS 5

    This dataset provides demographic information from the American Community Survey about residents of Virginia Beach area. The five year estimates from the ACS are "period"...